Cambridge Society of Paris News Bulletin 4

Dear Member,

‘Tis the Season for Seasonal Quizzes so, in keeping with the spirit of the season … Who said What about the Cambridge Christmas Party?

1. It was a dream come true
2. A glorious triumph
3. So well organised, the music sensational, and the dancing lovely to watch
4. Tous les musiciens que j’ai revus après ont été enchantés
5. I amazed myself by doing a mini charleston .. which I have not done for decades
6. Last night was like flying through a time machine! WONDERFUL !!!!
7. What a triumph. Certainly the best party I have been to since I arrived in Paris
8. Fantastic setting and a great bunch of people
9. Dazzled by the ambiance and excitement of the evening
10. So much enjoyed by all, and beyond all our dreams

A. Peter Salinson
B. Elizabeth Schofield
C. Anthony Langdale
D. Sophie Loussouarn
E. Clare Hohler
F. Barbara Albasio
G. Iain Cheyne
H. Nigel Moss
I. Lou Lauprète
J. Patricia Hawkes

Well, certainly, with an attendance approaching 400, including 35 musicians. With the tap dancer, magician, light shows and opera singing automatons. With the wonderful costumes and stunning dancing, it was undoubtedly an exceptional occasion and a terrific Cambridge send-off to the year.

As for the quiz .. I have no intention whatsoever of giving the answers! But thank you, all of you, and a good many more, for your wonderful and enthusiastic letters. Thank you also Tony for your massive back-up, analysis and supervision of the complicated guest lists. Outside CamSoc itself, thank you to the many musicians. Thank you Philippine Chombart de Lauwe and Aygline de Clinchamps for organising the food, and Marie-Mathilde Blanckaert for gathering the highly efficient and glamorous bar team. And thank you Yves Riquet; Paris Boogie Speakeasy was the inspiration for the entire show.

On the basis that a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a video clip of the evening. Watch it soon, because it will expire in a few days time (though we will be uploading a permanent version to You Tube and to our web site):

Early in 2018, I will write outlining the objectives of the Cambridge Society of Paris for the forthcoming year. Meanwhile, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.

With best wishes,

President, Cambridge Society of Paris

Cambridge Society of Paris News Bulletin 3

Dear Member,

A committee meeting, Cambridge Leadership Conference, Global Cambridge, and much to report.
In September we set ourselves the seemingly ambitious challenge of doubling the membership of the Cambridge Society of Paris within a year to eighteen months. This was indeed ambitious but, already, we are 60% of the way to achieving this target, with a massive increase of over 60 members over the past few months.

In part, this has been thanks to the College Representative initiative. A Cambridge Society Representative for each of the thirty-one Colleges, working with their College to contact the College Alumni resident in France, to make them aware of the Cambridge Society of Paris, and encourage them to become members.

We now have Representatives for two thirds of the Colleges and, at present, about one third of these Representatives have issued their letters to Alumni. Led by St John’s, Fitzwilliam and Magdalene, this has resulted in many new members and, as each of the Colleges is launched, the resulting new members will almost certainly take us beyond the 100% mark.

Allied to this, come the New Year, we shall also explore the scope for greater liaison between the various Cambridge Alumni Associations in France to create an Alumni hub, supplemented by the creation of new Alumni Associations in regions of France not so far covered.
We have some exciting events coming up in the New Year, including the Challenge Debate against the Cambridge Union on Saturday 27th January, the Annual Dinner on Friday 9th February, with Professor Robert Tombs as guest speaker, then the Fingask Follies Musical Revue on Tuesday 22nd May.

A complete new departure, that grew out of lunch with Moez Draief: The Cutting-Edge Lectures. Whilst we shall, most certainly, continue our traditional events, The Cutting-Edge Lectures will be a vivid and important counterpoint. A programme of four lectures a year, on topics of crucial importance for the present and the future, the lectures will be short, incisive and authoritative, but delivered in such a way as to be compelling and of interest to anyone with a thirst to understand our modern world. The topics are likely to be scientific, but not invariably so, and each lecture will be recorded on video, and posted to You Tube, for future reference and useful publicity for CamSoc.

Turning back to the immediate, we have the Christmas Carols, organised by Edward Archer, this Tuesday, 12th December, at the Travellers Club, and the Cambridge Christmas Party at the Musée des Arts Forains next Monday, 18th December.

The Carols promise to be the charming traditional evening that Edward has kindly treated us to for several years and, as a result, the tickets have completely sold out.

The Cambridge Christmas Party is a totally new event, but has already become very substantial and important. It will also be the greatest fun! The Musée des Arts Forains is a truly magic place, and the music, tap dancing, conjuring, and Années Folles ambiance will all be highly amusing.

At the outset, I was persuading musicians to attend. Now, the buzz has got around, and they are all desperate to be there to join in the jam session. This will be one of the greatest gatherings of traditional jazz / swing / boogie musicians in Paris, ever! Because of this, we have attracted some high-profile guests, and may have representatives from the Arts Society and the Bulldog Trust in London, who see our party as being relevant to their exhibition, The Rise of Jazz, commencing in January at Two Temple Place, the neo-Gothic mansion built for William Waldorf Astor.

The attendance for the Cambridge Christmas Party presently stands at approximately 330, but there is space for 50 more. However, with a week still to go, it is almost certain that these final places will be taken, probably quite soon.

The Cambridge Christmas Party is definitely not an event to be missed, and the final fifty places will go fast. So, if you have not yet applied, or if you want to invite more friends, do please send in your Application Forms. Fresh copies can be obtained from Tony Banton ( or myself (

Look forward to seeing you, I hope, at the Christmas Carols and the Christmas Party, and my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

President, Cambridge Society of Paris.

Cambridge Society of Paris News Bulletin 2

Dear Member,

Another successful Cambridge Society event, the debate at the 5e Cru wine bar at 7 rue Cardinal Lemoine.

Supported by a young and enthusiastic group of CamSoc and OUSP members and their guests, following a most excellent and convivial dinner, the group debated the motion “This House believes that the Technological Revolution has brought more Good than Evil to our communities.”

The motion was proposed by Christopher Chantrey and opposed by Andrew Torrance, supported respectively by Andrew Lyndon-Skeggs and Clare Hohler. Lively comment from the floor prior to the summare by the two lead speakers and the vote, counted by Moez Draief: 15/15.

This then leads to several important Cambridge Society events: Christmas Carols at the Travellers Club on 12th December, the historic Challenge Debate against the Cambridge Union on Saturday 27th January and, inbetween the two, the Cambridge Christmas Party.

And, for the last, we can now reveal the date and venue: Monday 18th December in the Salons Vénitiens at the utterly stunning Musée des Arts Forains, the meeting place of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald during Midnight in Paris.

Cambridge gives a party, and each member of the Cambridge Society will have the right, an ill be encouraged to inviteup to ten guests, with a total in the region of 250. With numerous outstanding traditional jazz and swing musicians, Boogie Woogie, tap dancing and a few surprises to follow, it promises to be an outstanding evening. Please note the date, Monday 18th December, and start gathering your group of friends.

With very best wishes,

President Cambridge Society of Paris.