Trevor Brown Bursary

In honour of its founding president, the Cambridge Society of Paris annually grants the Trevor Brown Bursary to one or more current students of the University of Cambridge. The Bursary is intended to be a modest contribution towards expenses incurred for carrying out work or research in France pertaining to France or French society. Any student carrying out such work or research may apply for the Bursary.

The call for applications for 2021 is expected to be sent out in December 2020 or January 2021.


Eligibility Criteria:

Students may apply for the Bursary provided they fulfil the following criteria:

  • studies currently being carried out, at undergraduate or graduate level, must be towards the completion of a degree at the University; and
  • within the course of these studies, they are carrying out work or a project with a link to France or French society.

Application Details:

Students wishing to be considered for the Bursary should submit an application to the Bursary Committee of the Cambridge Society of Paris. While there is no standard application form, the application should set out the following information:

  • description of the applicant’s studies and the degree being undertaken at the University;
  • description of the specific work or project that will be supported by the Bursary funds and its tie to France or French society. This should include details of the expected outcome (e.g., report, paper);
  • explanation of the importance of the Bursary funds for carrying out the work or project and/or the applicant’s studies;
  • explanation of the manner in which the funds will be used for carrying out the work or project. Applicants should also provide details of any other funding that is available, has been sought, or has been obtained, and;
  • one letter of reference from the student’s tutor or supervisor.
  • agreement, to give a presentation on the progress of their work to the Cambridge Society of Paris on completion of their stay in France on a date to be agreed .

Applications should be sent preferably by e-mail to the Chair of the Trevor Brown Bursary sub-committee, Terry Quinn, at The timing of the 2021 Bursary application process will be announced in December 2020 or January 2021.

Grant of the Bursary:

The Bursary Committee of the Cambridge Society of Paris will carry out the assessment of the applications based on the documents and materials received by the above date. The Bursary Committee may request additional information from applicants.


The Bursary Committee will then determine the number of Bursaries and the amount per Bursary to be allocated in 2021 (usually a sum of about 500 €). The decisions concerning Bursary allocations will be communicated to applicants before the end of April 2021. Bursaries are usually paid when the successful applicant arrives in France but this is arranged individually.






Trevor Brown Bursary Sub-Committee
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