Annual Freshers Welcome Event 2023

We returned to our old haunt at the Frog Revolution at Bastille, also our current venue for Monthly Drinks, for the 2023 Freshers Welcome event. A record number of 34 new students, a mix of undergraduates and graduates, signed up and even with the usual crop of late cancellations, 29 actually attended – another record.

The Society is proud to offer this event to new students as an opportunity for them to meet others also going to Cambridge for the new term as well as exchanging with members on their own experience. We have found that many of the new students do not know any others going up to Cambridge – in these days of online interviews a small number have never even been to visit – and so they consider the opportunity to make some contacts to meet up with again when they arrive in Cambridge as being invaluable.

The evening is an informal mixer, with good “home brewed” beer at the Frog together with their copious bar snacks. Everyone had a great time and I am sure the objective of allowing the students to add to their address books was met.


If there is a downside it is that there were not quite as many Society members in attendance as we would have liked. It is a most enjoyable evening so we hope that you will look out for the announcement of the date of the 2024 event, which will be in mid-September, and sign up to come and join us.

Tony Banton

Treasurer, Cambridge Society of Paris

Tuesday 12th September 2023